POPette’s Launch Party 2018

POPette’s Launch Party 2018

The POPettes are here to help you pucker up as we proudly present our first influencer collaboration! We teamed up with Aimee De La Torre, Megs Cahill & Victor Ramos to create their ultimate showstopping hues of Permanent Pout!

Needless to say, we celebrated their debut with a night of unforgettable fun! It was an evening full of dancing, laughing & of course cheering to the continued success of our POPettes!

So in honour of #FBF, let’s take a look back at this POP perfect evening!

There was no denying that we truly made Hollywood POP by taking over one of its hottest nightclubs, adding our own brand of flirty fun with makeup, candy stations, fab food & drinks! Amazing photo ops were abundant as all our favourite POPettes came out to play! Everyone had a blast and fell madly in love with the 6 new Permanent Pout shades!

Aimee, Megs & Victor simply oozed POP perfection in their new Permanent Pout colours!

I had the best time being surrounded by my POPBeauty family & dancing the night away in celebration of our new POPettes!

Aimee opted to rock her new shade, Go-Getter, which was fitting for the party, as her go-getting spirit is one of the reasons I knew we just had to collaborate with her!

Victor puckered up with Basic B on his pout and his mother on his arm, which was extra special, since this was her first time in Los Angeles! Plus, I loved meeting the inspiration behind Victor’s new shade, Z, who was none other than his sister, Zoraida!

Megs turned up the heat, channeling her own inner Hollywood starlet, looking smashing in her own creation Chakra & celebrating alongside her family & closest friends.

The vibes at the party were truly magical! Throughout the night, our friends snapped selfies, blew Permanent Pout coloured kisses and looked fierce in the neon lights!

Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support! It was wonderful getting to see everyone come together to recognize the hard work & dedication of Aimee, Megs and Victor. I am so proud of my POPBeauty family!
See you soon & make sure to make it POP in the meantime! ;)


Sara xxx