Bright Bloom!

Time to get playful POPettes! This is the time of year when we should move away from our everyday makeup routine and truly make it POP! Brighten up & be bold with your eyes, experiment and get whimsical! This blog will highlight a few ways (& products) to inspire you to crave color as much as I do!

Few things are as impactful as a simple yet punchy POP of color. I simply love our Lashy Flashy Mascara for a clean, fresh & fun effect. You can use the mascara as a eyeliner to create a “matchy matchy” eye - or mix up the hues for a subtle multicolor effect.
Also team up your Lashy Flashy Mascara with our Fluid POPLiner to maximize the color punch!

All the pigments in all our palettes can be used wet or dry. So let your creativity & imagination run wild & create a multitude of gorgeous over liners ( bright liners on top of your staple black, grey or brown), bright color washes or other fun unique eye art!

The constant state of a makeup lovers and makeup artists hand! Keep playing and sharing all your amazing looks with us on social media – we always share and give shout outs to our favorites. Have fun with your makeup POPettes – that is truly what it’s all about!

Love, Sara