A Case of Contour

A Case of Contour

I am currently obsessed with all of our amazing newness! It looks like it is going to be a popping winter with all the beautifying products we have launched…stay tuned for more info in the upcoming blogs! :)

Our new contour kits are absolute must-haves! If you’ve ever had problems getting your sculpting right, these foolproof kits will help you get it right in a few easy sweeps! Have fun and contour on!

One matte and one subtly glowing contour kit ensure that you have the perfect textures to play with to suit your look and your mood. I love the cashmere finish of the matte effect palette, but on some days (especially if I am tired or my skin is looking sallow and dry) the luminous effect palette is a real life saver, making my skin look perky and plush again!

Adele looks stunning in this classic case of gorgeously sculpted face & eyes, and so will you! Here’s how:

1. Apply Face Magnet Primer all over complexion using a sponge, a synthetic brush, or clean fingertips. Tap around the eye area to eliminate puffiness and revitalize tired eyes – the caffeine will give your complexion an instant POP pick me up!

2. Mix the concealer hues from the No Show Camouflage Fix kit onto the back of the hand until you have a color matching your own skintone (or just a tad lighter). Dab onto problem areas like under the eyes (also apply onto eyelids as a primer) around the nose and chin, and wherever else you have any discolorations. Blend well and so that skin looks perfected but bare.

3. Time to contour! Dip a blusher brush into the deepest pan of the Contour 101 palette and apply very lightly in sweeping motions just under the cheekbone, starting right under the apples of the cheeks and working your way up towards the temples. Then blend, blend, blend until seamless! Now use the middle hue to lightly accentuate the apples of the cheeks (the parts that are most pronounced when you smile). Lastly, use the lightest hue to sweep over highest point of the cheekbones, sculpting and lifting. Blend well.

4. Now dip an eye shadow brush into the deepest hue in the Contour 101 palette and blend into crease of the eye until seamless. 

5. Use My One Liner to create a flawless and jet black cat eye that will last all day/night! Start above the pupil and fill in the lash line using small short strokes. Flick the line upward and outward at the outer corner of the eye, aiming for the edge of the eyebrow. Keep building the line until you have the desired density and drama! Finish off with oodles of Peak Performance mascara for an unmistakable lash pop!

With the right techniques, there is no doubt that contouring slims the facial features, creating razor sharp cheekbones as well as adding a lift to the whole face. Have fun playing, everyone!