Summer Berry


Juicy, fresh, brightly popping, or barely bitten – summer is the time for berry hues!


Some blooms and a pure strawberry stain are all I need to really feel like summer is here!





 Glowing skin, pronounced brows, and vibrant raspberry lips – this freshly gorgeous look sings of summer perfection!


  1. Smooth Face Magnet Primer all over complexion using clean fingertips. About a coin sized amount is usually enough for your face. Dab a little extra onto area around the eyes – the caffeine in the primer will work wonders on puffiness and dark shadows.

  2. Mix the pigments of the No Show Camouflage Fix palette on the back of your hand to achieve the correct base hue for your skintone. Tap into skin using clean fingertips. Then, use a hue slightly lighter then your skintone and apply around the eye area (upper and lower lid), onto bridge of the nose, and chin. Blend well. Dab the light mint green into the inner corner of the eye and onto area underneath the eye brow

  3. Fill in brows using the Brow Shape and Shade palette, then comb them through using the applicator provided. Next, dust the lightest brown in the palette onto theeye lid. Also line upper lash line thinly, using the angled brush applicator in the black shade. Use the lightest hue in the palette to line the lower lash line & to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. Finish off with Peak Performance Mascara.

  4. Use Stain Stay in Pop Pink to make a tiny cross over the apples of cheeks – blend swiftly and quickly with clean fingertips for a healthy flush of color. Continue blending until color is seamless.

  5. Finally, add the finishing POP touch to this look by applying the same Stain Stay onto lips. Sketch onto clean & dry lips, following your natural lip line. Then fill in rest of the lips for a gorgeously colorful pout! 


My ideal summer breakfast: mixed berries, a few table spoons of Greek yogurt, a splash of honey and a few sprinkles of chia seed. Super healthy and super delicious! Much love until next time!