Yellow Yearnings

Bloom into spring with bursts of happy yellow! This statement hue adds a feminine flair with a little touch of pretty punk –bring your own sunshine wherever you go!

                Fresh As a Daisy!

  1. Apply Zero Shine Primer (about a coin sized amount) all over complexion using clean fingertips or our Buzzing Beauty Buffer. This ultra light & cooling paste will mattify and hold onto the rest of your makeup all day. It also works great when dabbed onto t-zone throughout the day (or night) as a liquid “blotting paper”.
  2. Now smooth Eye Magnet Primer onto lids and all the way up to the brow. Make sure you use just enough to leave a very sheer and evenly blended layer of primer across the eyes.
  3. Comb through brows with brush included in the brow palette (if brows are unruly, use a little wax or gel) and then fill in brows using a hue slightly lighter then your own. Also, use the lightest hue in the brow palette as a lifting base color – apply all over lid and up to the brow.
  4. Next, dampen an eyeliner brush and dip into the yellows in the bright delight palette (until you have the perfect daisy yellow as pictured), and apply as a liner onto eyes. Use small short strokes and follow your natural lash line, flicking the line slightly upward and outward toward the outer corner of the eye. Then apply No Clump Comb Mascara.
  5. Set this whole look with a few sweeps of the Double Duty Bronzer. Blend across cheek bones, bridge of the nose, jaw line and chin for a subtle bronze boost.


Yellow backdrop! Stay tuned for some tips, tricks and POP tutorials!


                               Thank you @yanolga28 for your pretty yellow posting!