What’s Popping!?

So much happening in the world of POP as always! Spring is in the air (though not here quite yet), and hopefully we are all starting play with a little more color, a little more punch in the hues we pick and generally a little more POP! This week’s entry is all about what’s buzzing behind the scenes at POP.

POP treat tables at our launch in the Phillipines! Thanks to @popbeautyph for the images :)



POP Desksides!
I had two days full of fun and makeup play as I was meeting up with the beauty editors of the world’s

largest fashion magazines! Always fun catching up and talking makeup trends!


My current Spring go-to look! Fresh face (thank you, Face Magnet Primer), thinly drawn cat eyes, light nude matte shadow, lightly sprinkled with the sparkle of Pure Pigment in Crystal Glitz, topped off with fresh rosy cheeks and pink lips!


   As I have been on the road lately and busy travelling, the below seems fitting…do you agree? :)