Rose Romance

Embrace soft & sultry simultaneously for a romantic glow this Valentine’s Day! Whether you are looking gorgeous for a loved one, friends, or just having a date with yourself, playing with pretty pink & rose hues can never go wrong :) Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

Our BB Lip Balm is the best bet for kissable lips! It’s infused with natural oils (including super-nourishing argan oil), waxes and vitamins, so it naturally nourishes and leaves your lips plump, soft and popping with subtle color!



                                   Valentine’s Day Look

1. Create a flawless face by smoothing the stick side of the No Show Concealer onto complexion. Warm up fingertips, then press formula gently into skin – pressing rather then dragging is key in the application of this product. Next, use the liquid side of the No Show Concealer, lightly dabbing onto the highest points of the cheek and browbones and blend well.

2. Comb through brows (upward and outward) and then fill in with the shade in the Brow Shape and Shade palette that matches your natural hair.

3. Now, use the lightest hue in the brow palette, blending across lid and into the inner corner of the eye. Use one of the deeper hues to shade in the crease and to softly smudge into the lower lash line. Next, dampen an eyeliner brush and dip into the darkest pigment in the brow palette, creating a liquid eyeliner. Apply onto lash line in short strokes, making line slightly thicker just above the pupil and then flicking the line upward and outward at the outer corner of the eye.

4. Curl lashes and apply several layers of Serious Lash Pop Mascara. Let each layer dry a little before applying the next. Curl lashes again (unless you have very brittle lashes, in which case, you can skip this step) and then apply last layer.

5. Sweep the romantic glow of Bronze Beam onto cheeks and blend well. Finish off with a smooth slick of BB Lip Balm for moist, kissable lips!

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