Red Carpet Ready!

Awards season is upon us again! Are you having as much fun getting inspired by all the beautiful looks of the red carpet as I am? The star hue of this years golden globe was undoubtedly red!

A few of the leading ladies that stunned in red!

Two of my favorite looks of the Golden Globes, and the POP products that would easily recreate them! I always count on Kelly to bring it with some pretty punk and a pop of colour – this year she delivered again!


Red carpet lips
I love a striking red lip paired with soft focus eyes, like in this week’s look!

1. Apply Zero Shine Prime onto clean, moisturized skin. This primer works for all skin tones and skin types but works true magic when you need to keep the shine at bay (like on the red carpet). It creates a porcelain-like finish that grabs onto makeup and lasts all day – or night! It also hides any signs of pores and helps to smooth out  fine lines.

2. Next, blend the Shade Duette onto eyelid using a medium-long-haired fluffy brush. Blend into inner corner of eye and use the remaining powder on brush as a soft highlight on bridge of the nose and on top of the brow bone.

3. Now contour using Double Duty Bronzer. Blend bronze side softly into area right underneath the cheekbone and blend upward toward the temples. Blend until seamless. Also add to forehead, jaw line, neck and across collarbones. Use the peachy side of the compact to perk up the apples of the cheeks and to softly define crease of the eye

4. Curl lashes and apply least 3-4 coats of Lash Kapow Mascara. Let each layer dry a little before applying the next.

5. Finish off with the stunning Stain Stay for a red lip that is eat/drink/kiss proof and stays put until you take it off (8 hour stay!). Apply onto clean, exfoliated lips, using small short strokes.


What beats a perfectly red manicure for the red carpet?

Thank you to @thepolishaddict and @nailsandbeyond for sharing your POP manicures!