All That Glitters!

What better way to welcome the new year than in a cascade of glitter? New Year’s Eve has always been that one night where you can go all out with your shimmery dreams! Set intentions for the new year and say thank you to what has passed, and do it all with a sense of glamorous & glittering POP fun! Hope you enjoy this  week’s post about all that glitters!

I LOVE loose glitters, since the options of use are so many! Sprinkle over shoulders and body just after applying body lotion for a mermaid-like skin glitter, mix with sealer and trace along eye liner or dab onto the full eyelid for a glitter color block that demands everyone’s full attention! Mix with hair gel, sprinkle over nails, glue onto your New Year’s cards and presents! Having fun is the secret here.

Little black classic glitter dress or stand-out-in-the-crowd silver glitter dress, that is the question….Which one would you go for?

My glitter eyes created in minutes with the help of our Triple Glitter kit, a little glitter fixing gel, liner and mascara. So impactful and fun for a night like New Year’s! The pinky/lilac tones look amazing with all eye colors and the silver is super dramatic if you are in that mood!


        Glitter lips also created with the POP Triple Glitter trio! Perhaps not the most kissable lips :) but fun to look at all the same! Happy New Year everyone!! Hope 2015 will be the best year yet!