Metal Magic!

The festive season is upon us and what better time to embrace this winter’s biggest metallic glows?! Glimmer up your eyes with some gold or POP your fingertips with mirrored foiled Nail Glam! Hope you enjoy this week’s entry about a little metal magic.

This yummy glimmering gold and gilded nude combo will light up any room in an instant!

Our Pure Pigments truly eliminate any limitations! Dust onto eyes or cheeks, or mix into body oil, moisturizers, hair gels, or clear nail polish (or colored to change the hue!). Use wet or dry! These pigments vary in finish from matte to shimmery to full-on metallic. Become your own makeup magician & mixing artist by playfully creating your own hues!



Get a gorgeous golden eye by using five POP products! This hue flatters all eye colors and is a great alternative to your everyday browns for a glamorous & glimmering effect!

1. Blend CC Cream onto exfoliated, moisturized skin. Use a coin sized amount and blend into complexion with clean fingertips. Build coverage where needed, like around the nose, chin and forehead. Use a sponge to blend around the chin & neck to for a seamless effect.

2. Next, buff Bronze Beam gently onto cheekbones. Swirl the brush provided over the pigment stripes in the compact, dust off excess on the back of your hand, and then buff into apples of cheeks. Carefully blend slightly upward and outward toward the temples. Use the gold stripe in the compact and blend all over eyelid with focus on the browbone for a glowing effect

3. Use Brow Shape & Shade to carefully and very subtly fill in brows. Mix shades in the compact to create a hue that is one shade lighter then your natural hair color.

4. Curl lashes. Now dust Metallic Gold Pure Pigment onto lid, into crease and blend onto lower lash line for a metallic golden olive effect. Keep building for deepened drama.

5. Finally, cover lashes in Lash Extension Mascara, let dry and keep layering for an almost faux lash look. For the best effect, press brush into the root of the lash and zig-zag your way out to the lash tip. Your golden eye is complete!


My take on a golden eye, created with our amazing Speed Stix and a mixture of Pure Pigments in Metallic Gold, Crystal Glitz & Metallic Bronze.