Winter Wine

A key look this season is the intense, non-afraid, bold & deep lip. A slick of a perfectly warm wine on your nails can be one way to take on this hue. Or perhaps a pop of a purple/plum on your eyes for a winter take on a smoky eye…the options are many!

Hope you will find a little inspiration to this season’s wonderful wine hues in this week’s entry!



Nail Glam in Wine Wonder. The depth in this hue can easily be layered for more intense results. Thank you for the gorgeous look!





    1. Apply your favorite moisturizer to clean, preferably exfoliated face. Let set for a few seconds and then follow with a few soft sweeps of Face Magnet Powder to set and add a sheer matte finish to skin.

    2. Next, use a brow brush with a slight hint of hair gel in it and brush through brows. Comb hair into place using small, short strokes upwards and outwards for a very subtly “unperfected” effect. Use the Brow Shape & Shade to gently fill in brows. Also use a bit of the second to lightest hue in the crease of the eye and the lightest one as a highlighter dusted onto the highest point of the brow bone.

    3. Curl lashes and apply oodles of Lash Extension Mascara. Let each layer dry a little before applying the next. Keep building until you have an almost “clumpy” effect.

    4. Very gently outline the lips using the black In Liner. Smudge well -The outline should not be sharp or jet black, but softly gray in appearance. Keep smudging if needed.

    5. Pick one of the deepest hues in the Rouge Mix palette and carefully fill in the entire lip with the brush provided. Use the brush to blend until the edge between the black liner and the lip color is seamless. Finish off by gently placing a tissue over lips and brushing a little of the Face Magnet Powder onto tissue, which will help to set and mattify the lip color to perfection!


    The last leaves on a gorgeous tree in my garden, a wonderfully rich winter wine! Have a great weekend everyone! xxxx