LA Beach VS London Brick

LA Beach VS London Brick


Fashion, makeup & music are all avenues to self expression, and I also view them as strong ways of communication “this is me today – this is how I feel!"

Growing up in London, I was immersed in all things quirky, urban-cool, bohemian & street smart. In London, you need only step out the door and stroll down the street to get exposed to some amazing “street art” – people dress for themselves; clothes, hair & makeup are all enhancements, accessories to your mood.

In LA – the place I currently call home – it’s more about comfort, elegance, sun and the beach. California has taught me to take a more relaxed stance to style. Sometimes you just want to beach bum around, “dude” :)

I love both cities with a passion, but for totally different reasons…here are my two favorite styles that were born in my two favorite cities: 

Hippie Chic California


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For this look: Always moisturize, curl lashes & prep face with primer, tinted moisturizer, concealer & prime eyes.

  • Dust the first hue from Lid Bronzer all over lid and then blend the last one subtly onto brow bone; add just a hint of the last shade onto the highest point of the cheekbone.
  • Gently dry the inner rim of eyes using a cotton bud. Smudge In-liner onto inner & outer rim of lashes, following the natural shape of your eye & creating a smoky effect. Build thickness of the line until you have desired intensity and fullness. Coat lashes with a thickening mascara. 
  • Bathe lips in Aqua Lacquer for a smooth & neutral glisten. 

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 Modern Mod-ette London


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For this look: Keep the rest of the face minimal to create maximum effect for this look, no bright lips or tons of bronzer. 

  • After priming face, use clean fingertips to apply No Show Correct & Protect subtly all over complexion – layer for more intensity. 
  • Using the Ink Outliner, ink out the whole lid in one thick statement line (thickness of line should stop just under the crease of the eye to prevent smudging). Wing line slightly upwards and outwards at the outer corner of the eye, creating a jet black fusion between a square on the lid and a cat eye. 
  • Lashes! Measure & cut if necessary. Trace root of Faux Lashes with glue, let set for a few seconds, then press into your own lashes. The key here is to make sure the lashes adhere to the inner corner first – once the glue is starting to dry, pat down and make sure lashes are adhering as close to the rest of your natural lashline as possible.


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Antique & Unique!


Below are some of my current favorite vintage stores:


I love this kind of “treasure hunting” – mixing up vintage gems with high street trinkets and more exclusive pieces to create my looks. I like to mix it up and keep it interesting. I also adore clothes that look like they have a story & some history – like vintage 50’s prom dresses. I have a wardrobe full of them. Even if they rarely get worn, they make me happy :) Here are a few of them:

I love wearing these with killer heels or mixing it up with ragged biker boots, leather and messy hair. Pretty punk!

Monthly Music Musings

This month I am listening to a good old classic and 2 others set to become classics.

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Up & Coming:

My friend & I recently had an awesome music musing out in the desert, working on & writing our upcoming EP – keep your ears open, friends!

My next collection for POP is based on butterflies. Gorgeous products to make us all, if not take flight, then at least feel a little lighter! This bronze blush is one of my favorite upcoming products. The saying for this collection is: "pretty to look at, hard to catch!" – more on that next time ;)


Stay cool, keep warm! XOXO Sara