Break the Rules!

Break the Rules


Hey lovelies!  Hope everyone is doing great! I simply can not believe it is December already! In this blog I wanted to point out some of those wildly accepted makeup and fashion “rules” and challenge them a bit. The best part about makeup and fashion to me is the fact that THERE ARE NO RULES! (and if there are - they are meant to be broken!) Makeup and fashion is all about expressing who you are! Be yourself and create your own trend! It's impossible to do if you are going by someone else’s rulebook. I get asked so often what the rules in makeup application are, and though I admit there are a few things I don’t budge on, like finding the right color foundation, much of the magic is simply about individual taste. It is about finding what works for you, whether that might be applying mascara before or after curling your lashes, wearing a smoky eye and a bright lip together or wearing orange lips when you are a redhead! One single hue holds so many different tones within its spectrum so don’t let anyone tell you cant wear color – just play with the specific note that works on you! You can always get advice and guidelines from the experts of course; but a part from that, lovelies - do not follow the rules; make up your own!! Below are a few examples of the rules you should most definitely break! Have fun doing so! ;)

 Rule to Break # 1  
“Focus on lips or eyes – never both” 
But why not? Sometimes definition on both eyes & lips is actually needed to have the face look perfectly polished and complete. Don’t go crazy heavy on either of course, but with the right balance, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t highlight both features and still look amazing for a night out on the town! (like the three lovely ladies below!)
Rule to Break # 2  
“Sparkly eye shadow formulas are only for teenagers”
I hear this a lot and it is so untrue. Actually a shadow that has a slight glow finish will help reflect the light away from fine lines and has an awakening effect on tired eyes. Matte shadows however, have a tendency to crease into lines easier – adding years onto the eye area. Sparkle lifts and gives a youthful finish; like the image below of the gorgeous Jane Fonda.Play with our Bright Up Your Life palette in Naturally Bare for a similar glow!! 

Rule to Break # 3   
“Don’t ever wear bright lip colors on thin lips"
 I don’t agree with this at all. If you have thin lips, sometimes a bright red or a gorgeous raspberry hue draws the right amount of attention to this feature. Sure, a light lip color could make your lips appear a little bigger, but, they could also almost erase your puckers into your complexion. Gwyneth Paltrow (below) looks stunning in brighter hues!  
Just find out what works for you!
With our Rouge Mix palette you can simply mix up your own favorite hue!! 

Rule to Break # 4
"Don't mix your metals"
Sometimes mixing gold and silver together adds more alluring & interesting dimension to your looks. I love it. Below are some examples on how it could be done.

Rule to Break # 5
 “Never mix black & navy”  
 Actually, please do and do it often! It looks great!

Rule to Break # 6  
“Never mix red & pink” 
This is one that I have been told since childhood. I can’t say I have ever understood why? Clashing is smashing darling!!

Rule to Break # 7
“Never wear sequins during the day” 
This is not only wrong, it is also a little…Boring? 
Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle I say!
Rule to Break # 8
"Never wear white after Labor Day"
Pictures speak louder than words. If you want to wear white, wear white!

And most importantly...  

Show up overdressed whenever you feel like it!!! (it’s actually not you that is over-dressed; it's everybody else that is under-dressed!)

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With much love until next time!

Sara xxx