On trend orange!

Hope you are all doing well lovelies and that you have had an amazing start to 2014!
My January has been filled with juice, yoga and…..Orange J This color is surrounding  
me everywhere right now, so I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this blog post
to this energizing, fun & tasty hue. And it is not just me – many forecasts about 
(for example) lip trends this spring is filled to the brim with peppy peach, bright orange 
& awesome apricot hues! So get ready to peel away any hesitation to this brave hue and  
have a peek at below orange musings! xxx 
Spring lips!
The on trend orange lip has been seen everywhere in the forecasts for spring 2014 – I love this playful, vibrant lip that oozes confidence and color. Play with vivid hues to brighten your face, your mood and your day!
POP products to help keep your fingers on the pulse!
Who has been rocking orange on the red carpet this spring?
Not sure about the orange? Play with other Spring brights
When the rest of your makeup is kept fresh & simple, a bright lip dresses up your look in an instant. Pick a shade that works for you! You can mix and match any hues, from this springs on trend orange to bright or ripe red & flirty bright fuchsias; make it your own. You can not go wrong with a brightened up lip this spring!

1. Face magnet primer:
Even complexion is key for this look as brighter lips can be unforgiving on imperfections on the face. Our Face magnet primer will counteract redness and even out the skin tone. Packed with vitamins and caffeine it gives a revitalizing and instantly lifting boost to complexion, making you look fresh and rested in an instant! Apply a dime sized amount onto moisturized (let the moisturizer sink into skin before application) skin using a sponge or clean fingertips and blend well.

2.Stain stay:
Making sure your lips are completely dry and clean; Trace the outline of your lips with a stain stay of your choice using small short strokes following your natural lip line. Then fill in the rest of the lips to create a non transfer, stay put satin stain effect.

3.Rouge mix:
Pick your favorite hue from the rouge mix to add another dimension of luster, depth or brave brightness to your lip. Apply with clean fingertips or use brush provided. Keep lips glossy or dust very carefully with a little powder to add a matte effect. 
Orange at the tip of your finger
Orange spring mood board!
 A good reminder when spring seems far away
 Current favorite vintage store in NYC; Tokyo 7

I have started a amazing Japanese cooking course in NYC. What you see in the image is what will become Salmon Kobumaki ( salmon wrapped in kombu kelp and simmered kombu dashi)  - by far the tastiest salmon I have ever had!
Yummiest cocktails & dinner in the Hampton’s! Visit the living room restaurant at the Maidstone hotel:  http://www.themaidstone.com/ 
One of my all time favorite fruits! Love that juice red/orange combo and
the instant vitamin C boost.
My hair is still bright orange too. Much love to all of you until next time!!