Motherly Love

Not sure how to properly show Mum some love this Mother’s Day? We have some amazing gifts that should put a smile on her face in no time, and without breaking the bank!



Rouge mix is designed to work a treat for both lips & cheeks, giving you an amazing opportunity to truly play! Different pigment density in each gloss makes mixing your own hues easy. What is your mum’s favorite lipstick and blusher hue? Here you have them all combined into one sleek palette. Yum! 

 This combo of gorgeously pigment rich crayons have been hard to keep in stock! Suit-all shades pop puckers perfectly. Extra-nourishing balms gently bounce onto lips, creating a plumped & pillowy pout, leaving lips with luscious, long-lasting colour in a super-smooth texture.

*This kit has been known to be broken up: one for me, one for mum…I won’t tell if you won’t ;)
This ultimate skin combo will prove a real treat for deserving mums!
Our CC Cream blends flawlessly in with a wide range of complexions, as it magicallyadapts to each and every mother’s unique skin color (from very fair to medium/oliveskintones). It treats skin as you wear it with over 12 different flower extracts (like rose,lily, daffodil – to name a few) – but this is much more fun then just buying a bunch offlowers!
The Buzzing Beauty Buffer is the most intelligent applicator out there, as it massages(yes, it vibrates) formulas into the skin. It will help heighten the performance ofanything already in mother’s beauty bag. If you were wondering what to get her, look no further!