Mascara Musts!

Mascara is one of those products a lot of women feel naked without! How long could you go without your favorite lash enhancer? I would not last long before acquiring a new one.  Thankfully, we have a selection of amazing lash-loving formulas for you to discover – learn more below!



For the cat eye lover: Peak Performance Mascara!
Winner of an HBA Global Package Design award! There is simply nothing on the market like it! This supremely unique mascara has a foolproof and ultra hygienic applicator. It smudges into the lash line, creating an eye-lining effect and fans lashes outwards and upwards, helping to create an almond-shaped eye. Thickening, lengthening and comes in 3 shades (black, brown, and blue) – try the navy blue for Summer!



For bouncy “Bambi” lashes: No Clump Comb Mascara!
The most fine-toothed comb out there! No lash escapes this double-rowed applicator that coats and combs through for ULTRA long, separated and jet black lashes. The slight curl of the comb helps to bend & curl lashes upwards, opening up the eye in an instant! Formula is smudge & moisture proof (for those who tear up easily).



For the pool party: Lash Kapow!
This JET BLACK (there is no pigment on the market that is more intense then our carbon black in this formula) mascara is designed to stay put. It will keep a curl going all day and night – think of it as almost a jet black treatment hair spray for your lashes – and will stay on until you take it off. I can’t think of a better companion to a smoky eye, or a more safe bet for the pool party, gym, wedding or any other occasion where normal mascara might smudge. Amazing for short and/or stubby lashes as it keeps that curl literally until you bring an oil-based makeup remover into the equation!



For faux lashes without the hassle: Lash Extension Mascara!
This treatment formula is packed with silky fibers that attach themselves to your lashes, adding extreme length and volume. Formula can be built onto lashes so you can customize lash thickness and length as you apply. Wear one layer for a more dressed up version of your natural lashes or keep layering formula for a full-on, almost fake flutter!

Happy fluttering! xxxxx
P.S. Don’t forget to curl your lashes!