Baby & Bold Blues

It’s summer!! This season always makes me think of blue. The blue ocean, my favorite blue jeans, blue skies – so many great things are blue! 



Bold Blue Liner
Blue is known as the most brightening hue for the eyes – it visually lightens the eye whites and “lifts” the lids. Let’s take it a step further with a bold, bright line to frame your eyes!
1. Start by blending CC Cream all over complexion. Using clean fingertips, start on the  bridge of the nose and blend downward towards cheeks. This will even out complexion and brighten it in an instant. Blend well and keep building until you have your desired coverage.

2. Grab your No Show Camouflage Fix, mixing the hues on the back of your hand until it is slightly lighter than your skintone. Dab onto the under-eye area, around the nose and chin, and anywhere else you might need some extra coverage.

3. Dampen an eyeliner brush and dip into the electric blue hue from the Bright Up Your Life palette. Then, using short strokes, create a thick & dramatic line. Keep dampening the brush to keep the pigmentation intense. Flick the line upward and outward at the outer corner of the eye, heading for the edge of your eyebrow. Keep building & perfecting until you have achieved desired dramatic results.

4. Trace the blue line you've just created with our dazzling Pure Pigment in Metallic Blue to set it and add intensity.

5. Finally, apply the No Clump Comb Mascara starting at the root of the lash then pulling through using zigzag movements. Cover every little lash for maximum effect. Keep building the mascara, letting the formula dry a little in between each layer – this will give natural, long and lush-looking lashes!