Green Touches

Green has long been one of my favorite colors (maybe because I have a touch of green in my eyes and green-toned shadows make them POP!). But green also makes me think of summer, health and how much I love green notes in perfumes and nature (think newly cut grass). 
Current favorite greens, including the Pixi fig perfume with lots of green notes:

Favorite current green shadow of the moment – the green/yellow combo in the Bright Delight palette:
Current green view from my kitchen window – divine!
I am trying to do daily green refills for my body too! I love juicing anything green or making green smoothies! My current favorite is: cucumber, mint, watermelon, kale, lemon, apple & ginger.
To make it into a breakfast smoothie, I make the juice as above and then put it in the mixer with half of an avocado, some chia seeds and a touch of cardamom. Delish!!
What are your favorite green hues?