Beam, Bronze & Balms!

Summer is about feeling bronzed, balmy and all beamed up! Here are some of my current favourites!



Body Beam Base is designed to add a balmy glow to legs, arms & décolletage. It treats dryness, minimizes
the appearance of uneven skin and adds a silky light reflecting glow. Your skin looks soft, silky and healthily
beamed up!
The sheer & lightweight formula blends like silk onto skin and adds a gorgeous
yet subtle tropical scent. So perfect for summer when you do not want to wear a 
perfume but you still want to smell great! 
Our current amazing bronze collection of cakes, powders, glows, bases and liners –  you’ll find a favourite here to keep your glow going way into Fall!
Choosing what BB Lip Balm to make a staple in my new favourite Kate Spade purse. 
My lips are feeling SO soft since I started using these, and I love all four colors. Thankfully they will all fit ;)