Natural with Color Clashes

Summer in the sun makes me want to go a bit lighter on the makeup then usual. I love bronzed, natural-looking skin with just a little clash of color like a bright red on the lips, or a neon orange on toenails, peeking out through sandals. This entry is about being natural, with a little pop of color clash.



My favorite palette to create a little clash of color – the Bright Delight palette! I can find at least a million ways to use it – I love using one of the hues (any of them!) smudged into lower lash line for a subtle peeper pick-up!



A “Natural with Clashes” look

1) Even out imperfections and softly contour skin by blending No Show Camouflage Fix onto complexion. Use warm, clean fingertips and press into skin. Use the light green-yellow to counteract redness and to lighten any darkness, as well as top of cheekbones. Mix to customize concealer shades as needed to match & perfect complexion. Blend well.

2) Using the Naturally Bare palette, take the light pearl (top row, second from left) and brush onto eyelids & into the corner of the eyes. Then use the soft caramel (bottom row, second from left) into the outer corner of the crease. Blend well. Grab a slightly bigger brush and blend a little of the same caramel hue onto the apples of the cheeks and blend well.

3) Curl lashes and apply Lash Kapow mascara from roots tips of lashes using zig-zag movements. Use brush to fan lashes outward and upward, coating each and every lash. Keep building until you have a jet black, volumized and dramatic lash effect.

4)Smooth the BB Lip Balm in Pink Lemonade onto lips. Kiss off excess onto a napkin and apply one more coat. Throw lip balm into purse or pocket for touch-ups on the go and a nourishing lip treat!

5)Apply Nail Glam in Orange onto nails. Stroke the brush from base to tip, once in the center and a stroke to either side for a clean finish. Apply a second coat for more colour intensity.



Me and my lovely sister, makeup-free apart from bright lips. Easy transition from beach to dinner!



Kiss, swim, eat & drink proof. Can’t think of a better summer lip companion than Stain Stay. With a slight dew, this lip ink won’t budge and eliminates the need for touch-ups! The Poppy Kiss shade is that perfect tone of classic red that suits everyone. LOVE!