Pinky Punk!

Pink is more often then not connected with all things girly and cute. However, this hue can also be edgy and lend itself to a little bit of pretty punk, which is what this blog post is all about!



Pinky Punk Look



1. Start by targeting areas on the face that need a little No Show Camouflage Fix. Apply concealing pigments to skin using clean, warm fingertips. Dab (do not drag) the formula for best results. Don’t forget eyelids! Try the greenish hue in the palette for maximum effect in camouflaging any redness in skin (which is VERY important when using pink shades).    
2. Dust the pink Pure Pigment evenly onto lids, almost all the way up to the brow. Blend well. Then, line the inner rim of the lower lash line with the fuchsia Kajal Pen. Warm the pen up a little on the back of the hand before applying. 
3. Now, fill in brows using our Brow Shape & Shade kit. Think dramatic rather then natural. Comb brows through using the comb side of the brush provided, brushing upward and outward to fan brow hairs “away” from eyes. Next, use a bit of the darkest hue in the brow palette to define the lower lash line. 
4. Pick a pink in the Rouge Mix palette that suits your complexion and use clean fingertips to blend into the apples of the cheeks for a subtle pink lift to the face. Then, use brush to apply the same hue onto lips.
5. Finish off by curling lashes and applying several coats of your favorite POP mascara!
 Pinky must haves for a party night!
I love this pinky leopard mani created by @pocketmonsterlogan