Ripe Reds

There are few things more lush than this time of the year, when all my favorite fruits, veggies and berries turn into a rich & ripe red. Strawberries, tomatoes, and apples give a lot of inspiration to accessorize your look in many different ways. This blog is about a fabulous fall hue: red!


A classic, brightly-hued Nail Glam, aptly named: Ripe Red!



 A few of my favorite red things! Nail Glam, Stain Stay, shades, earrings, strawberries and Lucas Papaw Ointment.



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One of my favorite hangouts in the Hamptons – the farm stands! Organic, freshly picked tomatoes…I can find a hundred ways to cook them. Or just eat them raw! They taste nothing like the store bought ones – so much more delicious!
Me in my favorite red lippie…Stain Stay!  It comes with me on all of my travels.