A Classic POP of Color

One of my favorite makeup styles is one of the most effective yet classic of them all – a pop of color. Nothing works better to liven up those eyes and than to add a brighter accent to your favorite neutrals! Keep playing with color to find out how to truly POP your own unique way!



The constant state of a makeup artist’s hands! And actually, here I am only getting started!
Classic POP of color
To keep a brightened eye sophisticated, try lining only the lower lash line with your favorite color – the lift is instant!
1.  Apply Beam Base Primer all over face (including around the eyes) with a sponge, acrylic brush or clean fingertips. This will add a subtle glow while protecting & nourishing the skin. This primer contains a blend of vitamins & salt water pearl extract and will hold onto the rest of your makeup all day!
2. Next, dip a fluffy blush brush into Double Duty Bronzer and smooth onto forehead, cheekbones & jaw bone. Blend well. Apply the slightly peachier hue onto the apples of the cheeks for a subtle POP of color and an extra ray of warmth.

3. Pick one of the neutral hues in the POP Portfolio and smooth onto upper eyelids. Then pick one of your favorite brightening colors (blue, green, purple, etc) and blend into the lower lash line, all the way into the inner and outer corner of eyes.

4. Curl lashes carefully. Then apply at least 3 layers of No Clump Comb mascara, letting each layer dry a little before applying the next.

5. Perfect this look by smoothing Plump Pout in Bare Nectar onto clean lips for gorgeously nude, kissable lips! Have fun!

Two more examples of ways to play with POP accent hues:
The first gorgeous look is created by @vlcmakeup using POP products! 
The second is me - I love combining neutrals or a smoky eye with a flash
of bright glitter right above the pupil.
Some of my favorite POP palettes to add the classic, eye-brightening and lid-lifting color POP!