Lush Lashes

What better way to frame your eyes then with a rich flutter of the lashes?! This fall, don’t be scared to layer on the mascara for a thick, almost fake lash effect. A little clumping is ok – it is part of this pretty-with-a-twist-of-punk look! This entry is all about a fluttering frame for your peepers!
Lash tools I rely on: 
     1) Oil as a lash conditioner/treatment for overnight nourishment. Simply smudge the oil into lash roots until lashes are covered and then leave on overnight. It’s a life saver for brittle lashes. 
       2) A good eyelash curler. Makes all the difference in the quest for long-looking lashes and wide-awake-looking eyes! I use it every day, with or without mascara.
      3) Lash brush/comb. Smooth and separate lashes flawlessly with a good lash comb.
      4) Disposable mascara wands. A must for any makeup artist for hygienic reasons, I make sure I’m always stocked up on these. I also use them as eyebrow combs!

A full fall flutter



1) Start by smoothing Face Magnet Primer all over complexion, including around the eyes and onto eyelids. The caffeine in the primer will help tighten and stimulate blood circulation. This formula also brightens and evens out the skintone, camouflaging imperfections.
2) Continue by buffing No Show No Shine Powder into complexion using a large brush (POP’s kabuki brush is ideal). Focus on oily areas of the face, like the T-zone and leave cheekbones bare.
3) Curl lashes and apply No Clump Comb Mascara as a lash primer. Let it set and dry before applying another layer. 
4) Carefully curl lashes once more (if you have very brittle lashes, you can skip this), and follow with at least 3-4 coats of Serious Lash Pop Mascara. Again, let each coat dry a little before applying the next.
5) Pick one of the orange hues from Rouge Mix and paint onto lips. Use same hue and dab onto the apple of the cheek. Dust a little powder on top of lips & cheeks to help set.
And for those special occasions, there are always falsies!! Here’s a selection of my favorite ones  J
 Make sure you pick a glue that works for you & pay extra attention to fasten the lash at the inner corner of the eye. I like to adhere that part of the lash first so that it stays looking perfect all night! 
Have a great start to the fall & flutter on!