Lashy Flashy Eyes

Lashy Flashy Eyes

Put your peepers in the spotlight with a flash of bright & unstoppable color! Our Lashy Flashy mascara delivers just the right amount of bright for the long awaited summer!

Lashy Flashy Mascara in Tantalizing Teal, Purple Passion, and Blue Bloom

Three eye-brightening, traffic-stopping hues!

Amazing pigment payoff! All three hues work wonders for all eye colors. The blue undertone in each brightens the eye whites, making you look more alert and awake!

Lashy, Flashy, and Fabulous!

1. Start with CC Cream, blending onto complexion using clean fingertips. The formula melts onto skin like a lotion, evening out your unique skin tone and leaving complexion looking fresh, moisturized and even. Layer for more coverage where needed. Don’t forget to apply around the eyes and onto eyelids.

2. Now grab your Pow Wow Powder in Beachin’ Bronze and apply subtly where the sun would naturally add glow to the complexion (cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin and forehead). Blend well & dust any excess powder onto eyelids.

3. Next, apply In-Liner into upper lashes, placing the pen as close to the root of the lash as possible and creating a line using short strokes. Also apply onto the upper waterline for extra definition.

4. Curl lashes and pick your current favorite hue of Lashy Flashy Mascara. Start applying at the root of the lash, then zig zag your way to the tip, making sure every little hair is covered in a bright, lush hue. Let dry and then apply 3-4 more layers, letting each layer dry a little before applying the next.

5. Finish this fabulous look off with a sleek slick of the Matte Velvet Lipstix in Satin Rose on the lips.

InStyle: How To Wear Colored Mascara For Every Eye Color

Thank you InStyle for featuring Lashy Flashy Mascara in Purple Passion! Such a wearable, versatile hue!